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      MedAware is a web-enabled database application for Homecare Health Service Agencies. It's a powerful tool for keeping track of all activities of a Homecare Agency. It includes Scheduling, Billing, Collections and all required modules to manage your business effectively.
      MedAware facilitates quick reaction to client inquiries. In just a few clicks you are able to pull all information related to a particular client. Rescheduling is a very easy task. MedAware will immediately show you the qualified and available staff for appointment to a particular task.
      MedAware is a database application, which allows you to collect large amounts of data relating to all aspects of your business for executive reporting and management. MedAware is designed to be installed on a single server with no client/PC level installation required.
      Navigating within MedAware is as intuitive and as familiar as surfing the web. This is due to the fact that MedAware 's user interface is based on MS Internet Explorer.
     Just type in first letters of the information that you are looking for and MedAware will pop-up all possibilities immediately. In addition you will be given links to all related information. For instance, the client search results will also bring in links to the orders from that client, nurse visits, schedule, billing and even payroll records associated with that client.
     Filling only two fields(Nurse and Client) you get a map with driving direction.
     Nurse Coordinator will have access to the most current data from anywhere including from home.
     MedAware 's Scheduling module makes available all required information relating to resources such as nurse availability and qualification so that your business optimizes their use. The system will generate the schedule automatically and then let you edit it. This feature combines simplicity of usage with the power of creating any complex schedule.
     The package will automatically calculate the payroll records based on the nurse hourly rates and the time worked.
     All billing-related tasks can be managed within MedAware The system tracks receivables, the related payer sources, payments and allows for write-offs. You can choose to assign multiple Payer Sources to the same order and keep track of collections payer-by-payer.
     Your homecare staff can access the database online from anywhere and report the work done and the client's condition. At the end of the day you have an aggregate report on activities automatically generated on your computer. The physicians can review the patient information and adjust the prescriptions/procedures (also online).