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System "LSFinance"
System "LSFinance"- is a full automation of operations of all treasury of Armenia and the majority of administration of RA Ministry of Finance. It is developed according to the "Client-Server" technology. The system operates on the platform DBMS Oracle 9.2 and Windows 2000 and higher. The application interface is realized by the means of Borland C++ and Oracle PL/SQL. Business-Logic is realized on PL/SQL. The operations supported by the system includes, for example calculation, processing and storing of express, static and accounting information in the RA Exchequers by the Armenian budget fulfillment on governmental, local and off-budget levels. System "LSFinance" includes the following subsystems:
  • Operations;
  • Control;
  • Balance;
  • Nostro;
  • Bankmail;
  • Contracts;
  • Requests;
  • Cash;
  • The liability of the exchequers;

All above mentioned subsystems give the following opportunities:
  • Chart of accounts control (analytical, balance, off-balance, transaction);
  • Revenue and expenditure accounts limits control;
  • Calculation of the balance for any date;
  • Balance accounts generation;
  • Budget accounts generation;
  • Budget financing;
  • Budget expenditures;
  • Budget cash flow;
  • Cash operations;
  • E-Payment generation and processing, messages processing in different formats;
  • Drawing up contract control for plan compliance;
  • Data processing about the cash exchequers have received from the different RA trade banks(according to the international contracts between the banks);
  • ┬áData collecting about debts and remainders of exchequer budget accounts;
  • Account remainder limit control (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

The operations realization in "LSFinance" is tightly connected with the directories. System "LSFinance" includes the following directories:

  • Accounts;
  • Bank;
  • Budgets(Ministry, Municipality, Functional classifier of the budget, Income of the budget, Economical classifier of the budget, Programs)
  • Purchase;
  • Cash rates;
  • Branch accounts;
  • Documents;
  • Dictionary;
  • Outside partners;
  • Limits;
  • System "LSFinance" supports BankMail and the integration of some other payment systems, connection with MS Office (data delivery and receipt , templates fulfillment with Excel reports), data import and export in different formats (XML, txt, DBF, etc ).

System "LSFinance" allows for the following formats of reports

  • Quick Report
  • Excel
  • Formula1