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System "Bank-Client" (2003) is intended for fast and effective organization of central remote services of bank clients within the frames of multidivisional banks. System "Bank-Client" - is a decision allowing legal entities to get access to the information about their accounts from any computer as far as Internet-cafe. At the same time additional software like ActiveX, etc is not required. Access to the subsystem is made possible through login and password. Bank clients can form reports at mentioned time, point out available selection criteria, print out necessary subscriptions, account history and documents in full format, to operate with currency purchase and sale, to pay utility payments and loans, to transfer with SWIFT system and so on. Every document can be verified twice.
System "Bank-Client" allows legal entities to support the topicality of own financial data. Any employee of the company with an appropriate access (general manager, book-keeper, financial controller, etc) in case of necessity can look through the required information (subscription, remainder, etc) from any place with internet access.
System "Bank-Client" can be an effective tool to attract new clients. Granting twenty-four-hour service for subscription review is a comfortable opportunity to raise the relevance of services of the bank at the market of remote services and is an effective movement for increasing the customers who use subsystem "Bank-Client" even the conservative ones.

System of mobile banking. Clients have a right to select the contents of SMS at their discretion, like
  • Account subscription;
  • Account remainder;
  • Exchange rate;

SMS-Banking is intended for operation with bank accounts of clients with the help of SMS, like
  • Account subscription;
  • Account remainder;
  • Exchange rate;