Address: Floor 7,Buzand 1/3 str., Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: (37410) 52 36 95; 54 54 58, 54 54 59; 58 95 02
Fax: (37410) 52 36 95
"Bundle-It" is an e-commerce web-application.

The idea of the "Bundle-it" site is to sell products in bundles with discounts. The site has sponsors which are selling their own products and control the creation of bundles with their products. After somebody creates a bundle the sponsor whose product is included is receiving notification by email, then he can go to the administrative page and approve or reject the bundle creation. All products and bundles can be marked in lists by different ways depends on how much the seller paid for it.
Site is developed by ColdFusion 4.0, some parts are written on JavaScript. Site is working in the environment of the ColdFusion Server 4.0 and MS SQL Server 6.5. Web server can be any.

"Bundle-IT" has following features:
  • Browsing different types of registered products (featured, hot, etc.);
  • Browsing of products by categories;
  • Registration of the seller and his products;
  • Tools for making bundles from the registered products and selling them with discount prices ;
  • Tools for updating of information about sellers (email, password, etc.), products (featuring, revising, pricing) and bundles (content, discounts);
  • Promotion of buttons for putting on the other sites;
  • Search for products and bundles by all possible fields;
  • Ship tracking and credit card processing;
  • Feedback control (leaving and viewing feedbacks about the vendors and bundlers, rating count) ;
  • Administrative tools for the confirmation of seller, product and bundle registration;
  • Dictionary;
  • Administrative tools for the whole site maintenance.