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About programs
Subsystems Description of subsystems
Chart of accounts Established chart of accounts by the Central Bank RA, supplemented by technical accounts for program operation. Bank can use a four or five-digit, etc. chart of accounts.
Client directory All client data, which are required for the operation of the whole system, including credit register and deposit register, are inserted.
Currency operations Purchase and sale of currency, as well as cross-curs operations.
Loan System supports pawn-shop loans, Mortgage credit, credits for flat repairing, car credit, agricultural credit, leasing, factoring, consumer credit with even and uneven repayment. At the same time credits automatically charge rates, takes accounts of risks. The system allows automatic and not automatic charge as well as loan reservation.
Overdraft The system enables to formalization of overdraft on deposits and on card accounts of clients.
Deposits The system allows investment of different types of deposits.
Transfers without opening on account Systems Anelik, Contact, Migom, Unistrim, Bystraya Pochta.
Module of Electrical Transfers Supports Bank-Mail, SWIFT and other systems of transfer into banks of Russia.
Bank securities System provides realization of the following operations: Purchase and sale of bank securities, daily revaluation of bank securities according to the market rate (with the automatic computation of duration), purchase and sale of corporate bank securities, calculation of bank securities, obtained/sold by Repo contracts, work with one's own bank securities, operations of the bank with client bank securities (purchase, sale, repayment, charge of rates).
Repo contracts/return repo


Swap The system is intended for the automation of the Swap-contracts, charge rates and repayment.
Depositary Purpose of module - automation of provisions for individual banking cells (IDC) for lessees and for conducting their accounting in the customer's head office. Module IDC provides the following functional facilities:
  1. entering primary information about cells
  2. drawing contract
  3. extension of contractual time
  4. contract termination
  5. history of  lessee’s attendance
  6. replacement of damaged IDC
  7. control of IDC usage extension
  8. report formation
Plastic cards ArCa, VISA, Master Card. We work with processing centers Prime and Tietoenator.
Utility payments It is possible to realize the following types of utility payments: telephone (stationary and cellular communications), water, gas, electricity.
Staff The program enables to enter employee's information like passport, address, telephone number, and information about seniority, etc. The program enables automatically forming the chart of emplo1yees, for example the commission, leaves, and sick-leave certificates, etc with saving the modifications history for every employee.
Salary The program enables to calculate the salaries and other payments for example holiday pay, bonus, grant and keeping, etc. according to the RA legislation. The program operates on basis of formulas and gives an opportunity to enter unlimited amount of payments and keepings. At the same time the program automatically forms the account entry.
Storehouse The program enables supporting of storehouse (inventory information review: name, trademark, cost unit, date of acquisition, location, etc.). An opportunity to support the directory of suppliers, lessees and persons who are responsible for finances. At the same time the program automatically forms the account entry.
Permanent assets The program enables to enter information about permanent assets like name, trademark, initial cost, accumulated depreciation, book cost and so on. The program automatically calculates the depreciation of permanent assets and intangible assets on basis of rate of depreciation supporting. At the same time the program automatically forms the account entry.
Modules carrying out standard operations Charge rate, revaluation of currency, conversion of income and expenditures on daily basis.
Limitation system  
Credit register Program gives an opportunity for information gathering and processing, to be presented in Credit register of CB RA.
Deposit register It is developed by the requirements of CB RA.
ArCA Program gives an opportunity for information gathering and processing to be presented in "ArCa" loan office.
External partners Subsystem functions in CB RA.
Cash order Subsystem functions in CB RA.
Taking accounts of numismatic values Subsystem functions in CB RA.
Travelling allowance Subsystem functions in CB RA.